Who We Are

Sikh Youth Calgary (SYC) is a non-profit volunteer-run organization aiming to bring positive change in the community. The SYC Mentorship Program was created to offer post-secondary students the opportunity to connect with professionals from their desired career fields in order to help them better understand their potential career paths, educational options, and job requirements. By pairing students with mentors in their desired career fields, this program provides students with exposure to tremendous opportunities to gain knowledge and insight about their desired profession, develop their personal and professional skillsets, and network with established professionals and their peers. The 7-month long program runs from November until June each year, and consists of 3 core group events, while offering students ample time and opportunities to build a successful and rewarding relationship with their mentors.

What We Do

While most post-secondary institutions offer students many resources to complete their educational program, few resources help students navigate the professional world after their education is complete. The SYC Mentorship Program attempts to bridge this gap between the academic and professional worlds by pairing post-secondary students with a mentor who has been in their shoes and has accomplished what they hope to do. By joining the mentorship program, students can establish a professional relationship with experienced mentors who can answer the tough questions about their prospective career fields, providing them with valuable insight not found in textbooks. Our mentors can also help students: explore potential career paths and uncover others they may not know about, set and achieve your academic and career goals, encourage the development of your personal, social, and professional skills, further your development as a leader, and increase your value to future employers and organizations. 

SYC Core

Sikh Youth Calgary was developed in 2005 by individuals who differ in perspectives, lifestyles, and come from different principles, but have a common goal of volunteering and making a difference in the community. Some of the members are students, some are working professionals, but all are the future of our community. At the initial meeting of SYC, six individuals were voted to become Core members of this group to provide resources and input in the management of different events. In 2013, SYC held various events and fundraised almost $52,000 for different programs, including Walking Away Hunger, Light the Night Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Walk, Hotshots Hockey, and many more.

SYC Mentorship Program

While events and fundraising initiatives have been successful, the SYC Mentorship Program is the first independently run SYC project. The program was established in January 2009 through an effort of SYC to foster a continuing relationship between students and working professionals. The SYC Mentorship Program was developed to build personal ability and responsibility amongst youth and professionals. The program is aimed at taking charge of our own community by infusing it with positive role models, confidence, and a network made up of strong individuals. The program involves mentors periodically meeting with their mentees to show them the inner workings of the professional world. The mentors provide mentees with information on their careers, schools and the day-to-day job requirements. The program works to break down barriers and strengthen communication between different generations of individuals through support in reaching their full potential.



The SYC Mentorship Program offers five scholarships:


The Manmeet Bhullar Leadership and Volunteering Award



The SYC Leadership and Volunteering Award


The Iqbal Sidhu Scholarship 


Mai Bhago Scholarship 


Parmar Law Academic Achievement Award



The scholarships are awarded to five mentees who show a commitment to building a healthy and productive relationship with their mentor but also demonstrate their development as a leader in their community. In order to qualify for the scholarships, Mentees must meet specific criteria and submit a scholarship application which includes a response to an essay question. For more information about the scholarships please contact the SYC Mentorship Program team directly.



“The SYC Mentorship program has had an extraordinary impact on my life. It has created opportunities for me to continue to grow as a professional, by opening doors that I would not have had access to without the program. My mentor Sanjiv Parmar created opportunities for me to really learn what it's like to be a lawyer. He also provided me with an abundance of guidance on how to pursue my professional goals. I strongly encourage all ambitious students to become involved in the program, and all working professionals to capitalize on this opportunity to give back to the community in a meaningful way.”     

Gurjant Bains; 2016-2017 Scholarship Winner